This module is used to manage all the tasks required to collect the fee of students.

Both options ( Collection at Office / Collection by Bank ) are available.

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How it Works

In start of each fee period just click on [ Generate Voucher ] button and all the vouchers ( current fee and arrear calculation ) will be generated. Defaulters lists, Notices and SMS are also available with many helpful reports.



  • One click fee vouchers generation ( current Fee + Arrears )
  • Cash Voucher / Bank Voucher
  • Customizable fee structures of classes
  • Concession option for certain students
  • Installment option on Voucher
  • Student Ledgers ( Voucher wise )
  • Bulk operations on fee vouchers
  • User wise management
  • Integrated with main accounts ( etc.)



  1. Class wise Fee Structures
  2. Bank Voucher
  3. Cash Voucher ( Office )
  4. Custom Printed Voucher
  5. Student Ledger Voucher detail
  6. Student Ledger Voucher Summary
  7. Defaulters List Class wise
  8. Defaulters List Family wise
  9. Defaulters Notice Family wise
  10. Outstanding Detailed
  11. Outstanding Aging Report
  12. Fee Collection Class wise
  13. Fee Collection Date Wise Summary
  14. Fee Collection Date wise Detailed
  15. Fee Collection Account wise Summary
  16. Fee Collection Account wise Detailed
  17. Fee Collection Period wise Summary
  18. Fee Collection Period wise Detailed
  19. Student Concession Report
  20. Frozen Students

....  And other requested reports ....