This module is used to manage examination process in a school. Just create schedules of classes. Enter obtained marks of students as simple as in an Excel sheet. Mark sheets will be generated automatically

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  • Creation of Examination Schedule
  • Entrance of obtained marks ( current + Sub ) of students
  • Edit able mark sheets are generated automatically.
  • Attendance summary on marks sheet will be include ( if attendance system is installed too )
  • Ranks / Positions are assigned automatically but they are edit able
  • Check top students of the school to check performance
  • Marks sheets will be uploaded on school website ( etc.)



  1. Examination Schedule Print
  2. Blank list for obtained marks
  3. Single subject results summary
  4. All subject result summary
  5. All subject result detailed
  6. Mark Sheet ( School / Student Copy)
  7. Top 3 students of each section
  8. Top 3 students on each class
  9. Top 10 students of school

....  And other requested reports ....