Frequently Asked Questions


In which technology the software is designed ?

Language : Microsoft Visual Basic 6

Database : Jet 4.0 ( Light version ) / Microsoft SQL Server ( Heavy version )

Reports : Crystal Reports


How many Licenses are there for software ?

We provide flat package licensing. This means buy once use on your discretion. No

workstations limits.


How much customization is included in the package?

1. The school logo, school name, school address will be changed.

2. The addition of some more fields is existing structure is possible.

3. 3-5 more requested reports could be designed.

4. In case of major changes extra amount will be charged according to job.


Can a customer customize software by his own?

Yes all the necessary customization support is implemented in the software. Such as flexible

fee structures of classes, customizable examination structures etc.


What is the extent of implementation services included in the package ?

In start the Beta copy of each module will be provided for one month time period. Client will

use it and inform us in case of any bugs or problems occurred. We’ll solve them and provide

upgraded copies.

When the Beta time period expired ( i.e. one month for each module ) There are two types of

after sale services available.

(1) With monthly contract ( a fixed amount will be charged Monthly / Half year / Annual basis)

a. The new version of software will be provided.

b. The new requested reports will be designed.

c. The new changes will be done.

d. Technical support in case of any unexpected problem is occurred.

(2) Without monthly contract

a. Technical support in case of any unexpected problem is occurred.


Which documents will be provided?

How to install and Implement’ documentation will be provided.


How much training will be provided ?

The first time training will be given by one of our trainer.


Why the application is divided into separate modules?

There are many reasons but some of them are :

1. So that schools have an option to purchase selective modules according to their needs

2. In as Network based school all the modules are installed on different PCs w.r.t.

department needs.

3. For new version of some modules upgrade of whole network is not required.